The lower river Inn offers varied experiences each season of the year. A network of hiking and biking tours will lead you for miles along the embankments and through the riverine forests. The nature-experience path near the village of Ering will guide you through the riverine forests. Information signs will tell you about this natural paradise. Observation towers give exciting views of the islands and backwaters. Our biologists offer guided walks into the area.
If you wish to experience cultural events, it is easy to take day trips to Passau, Salzburg, Braunau, Munich and Burghausen. The rural district of Rottal-Inn offers many opportunities for your holiday recreation including museums,open-air museums, art galleries, theater, cinemas. You can learn more about the Roman history in this region by visiting the Roman museum Ochzethaus in Altheim Austria.

Many lakes in idyllic landscape invite you for pleasant swims. Public pools are also available such as the heated pool in Ering.
Three baths with thermal pools are within easy driving reach.

The bike pathalong the river Inn, is well signposted on both sides of the river. It goes more than 360 kilometres, from the Majolapass to Passau. At the area of the lower river Inn viewpoints along the way will invite you to stop, have a look and take a short rest. Along this route you can get close to a large variety of birds. We recommend the birdwatching tower near Ering, especially good if you have binoculars.
The 130-kilometre Roman biking Tour,which crosses the Inn biking Tour at the Infocentre Ering, starts at Passau,takes you to numerous Roman excavation sites, and ends at Atter lake in upper Austria.
Boarding houses, gastronomy:
Near the infocentre in the beautifully situated villages of Ering and Stubenberg you will find comfortable pubs and friendly boarding houses.