Some of the rare kinds of birds you can find here: Great white egret, Red-backed shrike,white spoonbill, ringed plover and kingfisher.

On the lower river Inn 312 kinds of birds have been observed. Of them 130 breed here.
Over 40 kinds of registered on Bavarian or German red lists as endangered species. Many long distance travellers that migrate from South Africa to England rest here en route. So do other rare guests, which come from all over the earth, e.g. white spoonbills, cranes, ospreys and several kinds of shore birds and waders.
The powerfull river Inn seldom freezes over, so it is an important area for birds during moulting season, especially for ducks and other hibernating birds. At least 15 different kinds of ducks have been obsereved here, including sea ducks.
In springtime you can hear a fantastic concert of bird songs - from the islands and from the riverine forests. Voices include the oriole, the bluethroat, the marsh warbler, the river warbler, the penduline-tit and the Savi´s warbler.
Along stretches of flat water you will see great white egrets, little egrets and -with a bit of luck- the very rare black-crowned night heron. Depending on the season you can see a white-tailed eagle, black kites, marsh harriers and the osprey wheel in the sky.
The riverine forests and their adjustment meadows and fields are paradise to black-headed gulls, lapwings, curlews and the "flying gemstone", the Kingfisher.