Beavers at the lower river Inn.
Rarely you will find an island landscape as untouched as the Europareservat Unterer Inn. Here the bright riverine forests is home to a very talented builder: the beaver. Not until 1970 did this biggest European rodent return to the river Inn thanks to conservationists. Now there are more than 30 huts discovered at the riversite. If you are lucky, you can see this animal, which is most active at night, during broad daylight. Sometimes you will also find a pathway blocked by a fallen tree, it may have been the beaver that felled it.

The living space of the beaver.
The beaver needs water with riverine vegetation on its banks. His winterfood consists of the bark and branches of softwoods, especially willows and poplars. He fells trees by cutting them with his sharp, gnawing teeth, while his body is held erect by his broad, flat tail. He can fell a tree with a circumference of 25 centimetres in 5 minutes! In winter time he can live for weeks from a single tree. In summer he likes better young reeds and plants that grow on the riverīs banks. Beavers are vegetarians they never eat fish!
The hut is inhabited by a pair of beavers, who mate for their entire life, which averages 30 years. The femaleīs pregnancy lasts for 15 weeks and she gives birth to a maximum of 5 babies. The young take 4 years to mature, at which time they leave the family to start their own. A full grown adult weighs 25 to 30 kilograms and is about one metre. Beaver are extraordinary swimmers, they can keep under water about 20 minutes without breathing.
The big rodent causes problems only when the adjacent land is used agriculturally or for logging activities, for then the wide system of tunnels dug by the beaver can cause the ground to collapse under big mashines.

The beaver as a master builder:
The beaver bites off branches to build a lodge of more than two metres hight and 4 to 5 metres in diameter. The hut has several dry chambers above the waterīs surface, where the members of the family rest and eat. To keep enemies away, access to the beaverīs lodge is by opening beneath the waterīs surface. If the water level falls, the beaver builds a dam for regulation. There are dams, build of branches and mud, with a length of 10, 20 and even more metres, that put a whole area under water.